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Anthony Butler

Hello, I'm Anthony Butler.  

This is my site where I frequently write about the impact of emerging technologies, such as blockchain and artificial intelligence, on societies and economies.  I am currently Chief Technology Officer for IBM in the Middle East and Africa and was appointed as an IBM Distinguished Engineer mostly for my work in blockchain and cloud technologies.

I live in and am focused on supporting the development of one of the most exciting and future-oriented places in the world –  the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.  

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Recent Posts

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Cross-border data flows and economic value

I had the opportunity to recently speak at an event hosted by Asia House and Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business (CGSB) on the global data landscape.  In this talk, I discussed the following points: 1. Today, cross-border data flows account for a larger share of global GDP than the

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On centeralised exchange risks and how to fix them

The recent collapse of digital assets/currency exchange FTX again highlights the risks associated with centeralised digital assets exchanges.   This risk, however, mostly relates to operational and business aspects of how these exchanges operate – as opposed to the blockchain technology itself – but also highlights the need for us to continue

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The future of work in the metaverse

Originally published in Arab News. In the 1930s, Nobel Prize-winning economist Ronald Coase wrote a seminal essay on the nature of the firm, explaining the reason for the emergence and growth of companies. He argued that firms are what they are because of transaction costs.  It is not cost-effective to